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Onsite Compliance Audits and Inspections

Need to keep a bank account open or want to get one? Are you a financial institution like a state chartered bank, credit union, lender, payment processor or ATM service provider concerned about onsite compliance at your cannabis client locations? Does your organization handle or transport cash for cannabis businesses?  We provide complete account due diligence services and 3rd party onsite compliance inspection services to help ensure compliance throughout every aspect of the cannabis industry.

Readiness Audits for State Compliance Requirements

Have you had a state violation from your state cannabis regulatory body? Are you concerned that you will not be able to remediate the violation prior to your next inspection?  Worried about losing you business license and your business?  We will make sure you are ready and that you also know how to handle a state agency audit.

Outsourced Compliance Services to State Can
nabis Enforcement Agencies

Why hire and train your own inspectors to enforce your state cannabis laws? Save time and money and achieve enforcement efficiently; let our trained cannabis compliance inspection professionals help augment your team and ensure that your agency can enforce your state’s cannabis laws and regulations.  We also provide specialized training for state agencies that choose to hire their own team rather than outsource. We can help, no matter what your cannabis enforcement agency needs are.

Audit Services

We perform financial audits, forensic audits, inventory audits, forensic discovery, cannabis asset validation, and cannabis asset valuation services. 

Risk Assessment and Assurance Services

As cannabis compliance experts, our unique industry knowledge combined with traditional Big 4 experience enables our cannabis professionals the ability to provide unparalleled risk and advisory services. We perform corporate risk assessments and technology risk assessments which help your cannabis business identify any potential issues with internal controls related to business operations, data management, data privacy and information technology infrastructure.

Penetration Testing Services

Has your cannabis company ever had a data breach?  Our team of trained cybersecurity specialists will perform penetration and security assessments to improve the protection of your data. We will identify key vulnerabilities within your cannabis company network, company data storage, wireless access points, mobile devices, network devices and corporate business applications.  Our team will make recommendations and propose strategies for sustained data and network protection.

Law Enforcement Raid Data Recovery Services

Has your cannabis company ever had data assets seized?  We work with our network of cannabis attorneys to help regain access to your data assets and will restore the data so you can defend yourself in court and/or help re-establish your business operations post seizure.

Business Continuity Services

Let us help you plan for and survive a disaster.  We help cannabis related businesses create and maintain business continuity and disaster recovery plans that their organization can rely on in the event of an unexpected disaster or business interruption.  Our business continuity experts have cannabis industry specific experience that you can count on.

Data Privacy Compliance and Consulting

Data privacy compliance is now a corporate requirement in many parts of the world that have adopted GDPR guidelines.  Data privacy compliance is also regulated at the state level in California related to the passage of AB-2402 which places restrictions on how licensed cannabis companies in California share information about their customers.  Get a head start in data privacy compliance for your cannabis related business.  We provide cannabis business data privacy risk and gap assessments to help identify data privacy risks and issues in your company.  Our cannabis data privacy compliance team will help guide your company through a “proven cannabis compliance methodology” to establish compliance and ensure that your cannabis related business is set up for continued compliance.

Data Privacy for Cannabis Doctors

If you are a cannabis medical doctor and you’re worried about the protection of your patient data, 420 IT Solutions provides a full suite of data privacy solutions to help your situation.  Our experience comes from over 25 years of providing data privacy services to physician practices, medical centers and hospitals.  Our cannabis data privacy experts will review your systems, back-up schedules, access controls and physical security to make recommendations to improve your systems, procedures and internal controls.

Seed-to-Sale System Selection and Implementation

We know what seed-to-sale systems farmers, distributors, processors, storefronts and testing labs are using and what works.

Financial Software Selection

As cannabis industry professional services experts, we know what financial software works best for the cannabis industry.  Let us help you choose the right software package for your cannabis related business.